Doing Nothing

a collaboration with photographer Grace Gelder


“The words that mothers repeat in this kind of conversation are ‘not doing anything’ or ‘getting nothing done’ or ‘doing nothing’. This is how they keep describing their experience. We need to listen carefully and to ask ourselves what ‘doing nothing’ means. I used to assume that it meant the absence of ‘doing something’. But listening to what mothers say, it sounds as though going nothing is an experience in itself.”

-Naomi Stadlen, What Mothers Do

The series of photographs were all taken inside the Rivett-Carnac temporary household in Bonn, Germany over a period of 18 months and aimed to capture the daily, domestic life of Natasha and her two children, Zoe and Arthur. Grace’s camera lived on a shelf in the living room, ready to capture everyday moments, but the project came to life when Natasha brought a writer’s sensibility to the experience of being witnessed as a mother. The series is featured at Goldsmith University's Women's Art Library (London), and will be presented at University of Cumbria's Institute of the Arts (UK) and The Nordic Summer University in Latvia.


C Words: Carbon, Climate, Capitol, Culture

Photo Credit: Platform London

Photo Credit: Platform London

A collaboration with Platform London

In the exhibition C Words Natasha supported Platform London's Curator Jane Trowell in delivering more than 80 events over 50 days at Arnolfini in Bristol (UK). Platform combines art, activism, education and research in its approach to social and ecological issues. The exhibition examined climate change in the run-up to COP 2009.

Natasha also built the Platform Archive, a collection of over 25 years of work that highlights the organisation's thorough research practices and unique methodology.